A small and innovative Remote Transmitter Pager with Alarm and Remote Starter.
The FM-Combo will instantly alert you should your vehicle be violated.
Remote Start and Monitor your Vehicle from 2500 ft away. The bright LCD display on the Transmitter accurately monitors doors open/closed, hood and trunk open/closed, and hard impacts to your vehicle.
It even advises whether the vehicle's engine is running. Works with Commando RS-Combo wiring Harness for Upgrades.


2500 Ft Range
One LCD Transmitter Pager with High Tech Back Lit Display.
Remote Engine Start For Gasoline & Diesel Engine Vehicles
Winshield Mounted Extended Range Antenna
Tachless or Tach/Spark Sense
Dome Light Supervision
Code learning Receiver
Anti-Scan Technology
Remote Keyless Entry (Negative Door Lock Outputs)
Note: For Vehicles with Positive Door Locks Please add DLR
Remote Auxiliary Channel For Trunk Release,
Power Window Control, Etc.
User Selectable Silent Arm/Disarm
Remote Sensor Defeat
Dual Stage Electronic Shock Sensor (Plug-In)
Alarm Pre-Warning Signal
Defective Zone Bypass With Warning
Remote Panic
Starter-Disable Protection (Relay Optional)
On-Board Flashing Parking Lights Relay
Plug-In LED Status Indicator
Plug-In Protected Valet/Override Switch
6-Tone, High Power Siren
Programmable Passive/Active Arming
Programmable Door Lock With Passive Arming
Stop & Go Mode (Leave Vehicle Running without Key)
Instantly alert should your parked vehicle be violated.
Monitors doors open/closed status,
hood and trunk open/closed status,
and hard impacts to your vehicle
Advises whether the vehicle's engine has been started.
Out of Range indication.
Low battery reminder.
Suitable for any make and model of 12-volt vehicle with
fuel injection and automatic transmission
FM technology
Reliable quality and long service distance.
Programmable Autolock/Unlock Through Vehicle's Ignition
Programmable Door Lock Pulse Time (1 or 3 Sec.)
Programmable Double Pulse Unlock (Nissan, VW)
Programmable Cold Start Mode 1 or 2 hours
Programmable 15 or 25 minute Remote Start Runtime
Programmable Door Lock with Remote Start
Qualifies For Insurance Discounts
Made in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Complete Owners Manual
Complete Installation Manual
Toll FREE Tech Support Line
E-mail Tech Support


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