Remote Control Engine Starter
with Keyless Entry.

Tachless System with Quick Stop
and Anti-Freeze Mode.

For Use on Fuel Injected Automatic
Transmission Vehicles Only.


Two Sleek 3 Button,
3 Channel Transmitters

Code learning Receiver
Remote Engine Start For Gasoline
& Diesel Engine Vehicles

Quick Stop Mode (Stop and Go)
Programable Timer Start Every Two Hours
(Anti-Freeze Mode)

User Select Run Time 12 or 24 minutes
Start, Ignition & Acc Relays On Board
800-1000 Feet Transmitting Distance
Winshield Mounted Extended Range Antenna
Keyless Entry (Negative Door Lock Outputs)
Tachless or Tach/Spark Sense
Brake Pedal Shut Down
Hood Open Saftey Switch
Trigger Input Wire for Optional Shock,
Glass or Radar Sensor
Factory Alarm Disarm
2nd Ignition / Accessory Relay selection
Starter-Disable Protection (Relay Optional)
Programmable Double Pulse Unlock (Nissan, VW)
Five Function LED Plug-In
Plug-In Protected Valet/Override Switch
Remote Auxiliary Channel For Trunk Release,
Power Window Control, Etc.
On-Board Flashing Parking Lights Relay
Complete Installation Manual
Made in the USA!

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