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These Are Our Newest Reviews Updated
ON: 05/1/2003

As A Courtesy To Our Readers:
A Word From The "UNKNOWN Installer"

Thank You ALARMTEK for your consideration,
and for allowing me to vent in public.

What's up with the high and mighty at DEI? They go ahead and obsorb Clifford/Avital, but in a questionable move, they deny any support (again) to the folks out there who bought the equipment they sold to them. It's a always a vicious circle with these guys!

Look, the equipment (Clifford & Avital) were considered some of the best Car Alarms around the world, and the end users always had a dealer they could talk to. Now that it's owned by DEI, all that stopped abruptly, and they have now decided to treat Clifford/Avital Consumers with the same disrespect as the Viper end user (YOU), "you are not a dealer of ours, Go away!"

I just think it's a shame they squashed a great company, and then killed it's rep like that. I also understand "Qualty Control" but geeeez, if you could open your sphincters just a tad, and do business with YOUR customers (NEW & OLD) it would be most appreciated!!

Just a note to all of you VIPER fans. Make nice with the service that installed your system. Because without them,
"An observation Made By The UNKOWN Installer.
on 6/25/2002"

New Product Reviewed By ROBERT MARTIN 1/27/2003

Here's a neat idea. An anti-Hijack circuit, built to be controlled by the releasing of the drivers seatbelt. We have installed the device from ATAC, into our test vehicle, the 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser. At first glance, this device was a bit big, but after some discussion with the makers, we are assured that the ATAC is in it's final phase of design, and that the box will be downsized to meet mobile installer expectations. We have found the system user friendly, and with some personal training,(on the part of the end user) very effective. What happens here is when sitting at a trafic light, if you come up against a person trying to take your vehicle, and you unbuckle the seatbelt to get out, the device will start a countdown,(approx 1 min and a half). After the time is up, your vehicle's fuel line is interupted, and so is the starter wire. In effect slowing down and stopping the vehicle in it's tracks. It also comes with a flashing light output. This does the job it says it does quite effectively, and we are pleased with the overall results. It comes with an LED for status for the dashboard, and a reset/valet overide switch, which is hidden in a place only the driver knows about. The ATAC is a Nice idea for those in metropolitan areas, and high crime districts. I will report more as time goes by to see how the original does, and once the R&D is done, and the final product is released, we just might add it to our "must Have" list of products we offer here at ALARMTEK! For further information on this product direct you browser to the following address:

CAR ALARM From Robert Martin (ALARMTEK 03/11/2003)

This is an adaquate car alarm system, for a basic install. The only drawback for this alarm that we found is that, it does not come with and external shock sensor as a standard feature. It has the port for one, but unfortunately it is for a single zone sensor, and is not even included in the box! (like most.) The range is good, nice 3 channel remote transmitters, it has heavier guage wiring harness, and comes with a 3 way lock/unlock plug for several locking variations. Included touches like programable car finder, and multi vehicle operation, with one transmitter (using rolling codes), works for us. All in all, a good choice for the backyard installer to work with.

A Review On ASTROSTART Remote Starters

I think that the AstroStart is far one of the top guns in remote starters. Ive had some excellent results with certain applications such as the capability of detecting the tach signal the older Subaru model cars. It was the only one that would actually detect the pulse and adjust itself accordingly. I installed a avital in this vehicle only to find out that the engine wouldn't start with the avital or if it did start, it would over crank. It was due to the pulse of the tach having such a low voltage that the avital didnt pick it up. I replaced it with the AstroStart and at first initiation, the tach was recognized. If only the programming was made a little simpler (or manual written a little better). This one would be the (Mac Daddy of remote starts)

(Mr Gadget/Jessie) AT
The Avital 4000 (remote starter/ starter kill) is a well built unit. This unit comes with built-in Anti-Grind (protects your starter in case you crank it with the key while it's already running by remote starter). And, it also protects your motor (if the rpm goes over 3000-4000 it shuts down the car starter). Installation is a breeze and at the end you get...a great start, amazing range and a very discret antenna.

I like This Idea Alot!
Clifford has a new line of car alarm named the G4. Which is great. Once the installation complete, the customer gets to program his alarm with his own PC. The program could be loaded from and is easilly adapted for your use. I highly recommend checking into this line of security products from Clifford. For more information & pricing drop us a line at the E-Mail listed.

The Avital Hurricane2 Car Alarm System
Pretty good alarm, definitely not state of the art however! Biggest flaw about it, it takes about a second for the alarm to go on once the door, trunk, or hood is opened. By that time, the proffesional thief could push the door trigger back down, and the alarm will not even sound! The Zone2 shock sensor that it comes with is very good. I keep it at highest sensitivity, works great. The alarm will not break if you short circuit it either, it will sound a low-tone siren to warn you. The three button remote control allows you to control two extra accessories. For $230 Canadian, this alarm is worth the money.


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